Mariner Competitive Teams (D1 & D2) compete in the Spring Southcoast Soccer League (SCSL). Starting in early April, approximately 8 session games will be played (4 home & 4 away). For the U8, U9, and U10 Teams, the season will end with a Friendship Tournament that is extended to all participating SCSL Teams. For the U11+ Teams, a playoff format is conducted which could lead to participation in the MA Tournament of Champions (MTOC).

It is Mariner Soccer Association's full intention to provide an opportunity for all interested players who seek competitive play at their appropriate level. This opportunity is contingent upon both coaching and player interest levels.

Teams are offered for both boys and girls in the following age groups:

Tryout Schedule TBD / Schedule to come in September / Tryouts in October

*** Check this page periodically for any time changes ***

Tryouts Spring 2015

Saturday, October 18th
12:15 U8 Boys Field #3
12:30 U8 Girls Field #3
1:00 U11 Girls - Carly Field #2
2:00 U9 Girls - Almeida Field #3
2:30 U10 Boys - Ortega Field #2
3:00 U11 Boys Field #4
4:00 U13 Boys - Michaelis Field #6
5:00 U12 Boys - Stark Field #4
Saturday, October 25th
12:15 u12 Girls - Meninno Field #4
1:00 U9 Boys - Nick Field #3
2:15 U10 Girls - Mine Field #3
3:00 U13 Girls - Tina Field #6
4:00 U14 Girls - Dave Field #6
5:00 U14 Boys - Tony Field #6

*** Please be at the field prior to your Tryout Time in order to check in ***

*** Make sure you are prepared to play soccer - cleats, shinguards, a ball and water ***

  1. What is SPRING SOCCER? While Mariner is focused on Recreational Soccer in the Fall season, Spring is the time when Mariner focuses on our competitive teams who play competitive teams from other towns with the goal of being invited (and hopefully winning) the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (the MTOC) held in Lancaster, Massachusetts every June.
  2. What is the SCSL? In order to reach the MTOC, each team has to compete in the league that their organization has joined. Mariner belongs to the South Coast Soccer League, which generally plays teams from Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape and Islands. All the games are tracked by the league and, at the end of the regular season, the top teams in the league are seeded in a league championship. The winner of the league championship goes to the MTOC for a three day tournament against the winners from other leagues. The winner of that tournament is the state champion. It is a very competitive undertaking.
  3. How does Spring Competitive Soccer fit in with MARINER? Mariner's mission statement states, "THE MARINER YOUTH SOCCER ORGANIZATION IS A RECREATIONAL SOCCER LEAGUE DEDICATED TO TEACHING THE GAME OF SOCCER TO BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS FROM AGES 4 - 15. THE FOCUS OF OUR LEAGUE IS ON LEARNING AND HAVING FUN. WE STRIVE TO GIVE PLAYERS EQUAL PLAYING TIME AND EXPOSURE TO ALL FIELD POSITIONS."" We fulfill that Mission in our Fall Recreational interclub League. Our Spring league is for those players who excel at soccer and wish to compete at a higher level. If we did not have such an outlet there is a question if we could maintain the caliber of soccer player that we have. Having good soccer players is important not only in the Spring, but also to raise the level of play in our Fall Rec Programs.
  4. How are teams created? The Board oversees the creation of the Spring Competitive League Teams. There are tryouts held for each age group sometime in the last few weeks of the Fall Rec Program. These tryouts are advertised by the Board. We try to field at least one team in each age group if we can find coaches who are interested coaching the teams. The Board entertains requests from coaches to put teams together, and where appropriate authorizes those teams and facilitates the process with the South Coast Soccer League. All players must be members of Mariner Soccer and must have played Recreational Soccer in the Fall unless they have aged out of the Recreational requirement or there is some unforeseen circumstance. Players are chosen at the discretion of the coaches who are going to coach the team with an aim at reaching the MTOC. We understand that different people have different views of skills, but the ultimate decision of who is on the team is left to the coach who has donated his or her time to coach the team and who the Board has authorized to coach the team. The Board maintains the right to decline any individual coaches or players from participating in any League game or games in Mariner's name for whatever reason, in its sole discretion. The Board further maintains the right to forfeit any and all of any League games for whatever reason, in its sole discretion. The Board also may waive certain restrictions that would normally be on a player, coach or team if the situation warrants such a waiver. In the past, waivers have been allowed for players from other organizations who don't have Competitive Teams to participate under Mariner's name so long as they pay all the same fees as a Mariner player.
  5. What are the Responsibilities of a Spring Competitive Player? Each player participating in the Spring league shall be responsible to pay such fees as set by the Board and from time to time adjusted. Each player shall be responsible for the cost of his or own uniform. Any player who has decided not to play in the Spring League due to financial constraints should contact the President before making such a determination. The Board or the President can usually waive fees and supply uniforms due to the financial needs of an individual player. Players should be aware that the playing time rules that are in effect for Rec Soccer do not apply to Spring competitive soccer. Equal playing time is not mandated.
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